Physician Services, inc.

Medical Review Services

Physician Services Incorporated (PSI) welcomes your drug testing questions. We suggest that you first inquire by phone or by email to PSI Client Services. For those with access to the TestDay® portal, we encourage submitting your questions via the online TestDay® Help Desk.

PSI Client Services can answer most of your administrative questions. Specific questions about test methods requires an inquiry/response from technical staff at Lab Express Inc. (LXI), PSI’s partner lab that performs the screening testing and the definitive LC-MS/MS marijuana confirmations.

PSI Client Services staff cannot offer answers to your questions about test interpretation or “What does this test mean?” If you have this question or one like it, then a third, advanced, level of review involving a physician Medical Review Officer (MRO) is required. This MRO review can be ordered by contract and is available at a minimal cost. Following receipt of a completed Medical Review Request (with help from PSI staff and/or our MRO Assistant) we will produce a compliance report and pertinent test results (usually just the past three months unless you request review of older results) and call the donor to obtain his/her prescription medication list. This is HIPAA compliant as our Assistant is operating under a physician MRO umbrella. If our MRO Assistant is unable to talk with the donor (or the donor is unwilling to talk with the MRO Assistant), then we contact the donor, usually by email. The donor has three days to reply with such a list that includes the name and phone number of the pharmacy.

A donor who provides his/her Case Manager/Treatment Provider with a prescription medication list and/or pill bottle images, has waived his HIPAA-protected medical information rights, so you may send (and we appreciate) that information.The MRO, typically within three business days of receiving the request, will issue a Medical Review Report (MRR). Our MRO will summarize pertinent results and comment regarding drugs (parent and/or metabolites) detected, and their use or not. The MRO can and will comment as to whether there is a “valid alternative medical explanation” for a positive drug test, as well as other pertinent information (such as urine specimen dilution).

However, by law, we cannot comment on dosage, efficacy, impairment or abuse. This requires review/consultation with donor’s physician who prescribed his/her medication or consultation with an addiction specialist. Approved 7/20/2022 by Irwin Fox, MRO/PSI, 480-272-0831