Physician Services, inc.


Physician Services, Inc. offers drug testing for pre-employment, ongoing employment, and consumers. Whether you're an employer, court case worker, or parent, PSI offers drug testing for instant and laboratory results.

Drug Testing

PSI offers laboratory tests for common drugs, such as methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and opiates. We have several urinalysis and oral fluid drug test panels, whch are cost effective for businesses and individuals.

DNA / Paternity Testing

We have both legal (court ordered) and non-legal DNA paternity testing available at our locations, for competitive prices. For more information on how DNA / Paternity testing can help you, click here.

Medical Review Services

PSI offers Medical Review Services, which are independent medical analysis of positive / negative drug test results. View more on medical review services. We also offer Water Testing in the Prescott Valley area, DNA Paternity Testing, and Medical Review Officer Services.